Baked & Co is slowly but surely spreading its wings. Right now, they have seven cafes in Sydney.

I first noticed them at Circular Quay, which I believe was their first outlet And recently I noticed they have a store in Eastgardens – the Westfield near Pagewood.

They have a great selection of sweet and savoury pastries. Of course, it’s the doughnuts that always get my attention.

I have had a few filled doughnuts from the Circular Quay store. So this time, I thought I’d try one of their iced doughnuts.

I went for the vanilla one.

If you buy an iced doughnut, it’s acceptable for adults and children. However, once sprinkles are added, it’s a kid’s doughnut.

This one had sprinkles, but I got it anyway. Hey, I’m just a big kid.

The doughnut was light and airy. Quite nice. The icing made it very sweet.

It has a very commercial flavour and texture about it. I guess they are making hundreds of doughnuts at their central baking facility and sending the out to the stores. And possibly using a doughnut premix.

The stuff at Baked & Co is pretty good. However, I prefer their filled doughnuts to the iced one I had from Eastgardens.

Baked & Co.