When I first went to The Doughnut Mum in December 2019, I got the Milo Doughnut. But it was different to the one I got recently.

Firstly, it was the Mystery Doughnut of the day – it was in the window, but you didn’t know what flavour it was.

The other thing was that it had a sprinkling of Milo on it.

Milo Doughnut January 2021 version
Milo Doughnut December 2019 version

I guess the Milo Doughnut as a mystery was such a success that it became part of the repertoire and no longer a mystery.

Like all doughnuts at The Doughnut Mum, it’s delicious.

The dough is superb. You’ll understand how a doughnut is supposed to taste when you have a doughnut from The Doughnut Mum.

About the Milo flavour, to be honest, I didn’t get a very strong Milo taste. I know Milo is a lot like milk chocolate, but that distinctive Milo flavour didn’t quite reach out to me.

That being said, I’d still go back and buy it any day. It’s a great doughnut. And better than your average cafe chocolate doughnut.

Interestingly, The Doughnut Mum doesn’t do a plain chocolate doughnut. I suppose the Milo Doughnut would be too similar.

Honestly, you have to try the doughnuts at The Doughnut Mum.

The Doughnut Mum