Like many things, Alexander’s Bakery started small and is now rapidly growing. They seem to have a market stand at just about any food market you visit these days.

I spotted them at the Kings Cross Food Markets.

I got a Hectic Sugar Doughnut – no comments about the choice of name.

I couldn’t get over how huge it was – see the photo with the 20 cent piece for size comparison.

It was also delicious.

I guess it’s just deep fried dough and sugar, but that’s making it sound a lot simpler than it is.

The dough was nicely cooked. It was quite oily and juicy, which I prefer to being dry and tasteless.

It was nicely smothered in sugar and the sugar went everywhere, some even made it into my moosh.

The first time I tired a doughnut from Alexander’s it was a similar thing, but sliced in half and filled with jam. I knew I’d get another of their doughnuts before long. They do cronuts as well, but I think their doughnuts are better.

If their customer service was friendlier, Alexander’s would be up there with awesome.

Alexander’s Bakery