I have recently had the opportunity to try the whole range of doughnuts made by Rachael, pictured below, from Berliner Bakery.

These are among the best doughnuts you’ll get in Sydney.

Not only is the dough lovely and chewy, but Rachael makes the fillings herself.

Her latest addition to the range is a lemon curd doughnut.

Like the others, it’s a winner.

The lemon curd is homemade and has just the right tang for your buck.

It’s runny, so watch out it doesn’t drop on your shoe when you bite into it. And there’s plenty of it, so you get lemon curd until the last bite.

It’s coated in plenty of sugar, so you get that sweet and salty taste that everyone loves right now.

My daughter loves lemon curd and absolutely adores this doughnut.

Berliner Bakery doughnuts are only available at markets across Sydney. I got mine at Kings Cross Markets.

Most definitely worth trying.

Berliner Bakery