Here’s the thing: Supermarket doughnuts can differ from one store to another.

Many of the supermarkets have their own in-store bakeries, but not all.

So if you buy a packet of doughnuts from Woolworths at, say, Hornsby, they’ll be different to the Woolworths at, say, Cronulla. I’ll be honest here and say I haven’t tried the doughnuts at either Woolworths Hornsby or Cronulla. I’m just trying to make a point.

Anyway, I got a 6-pack of cinnamon doughnuts from Woolworths at Kingsgrove.

I don’t usually buy doughnuts from supermarkets. And the purpose of DomNuts is mainly to tell you about the small bakers out there rather than the ones that don’t need my support. But for the purpose of comparison, I will occasionally talk about supermarket doughnuts. Besides that, I find a lot of people like reading about supermarket doughnuts.

Again, I’ll be honest and tell you that supermarket doughnuts aren’t too bad. In fact, I often find that they are very good. However, I have written about a few exceptions from ALDI and Coles in previous posts.

The ones I got from Woolworths at Kingsgrove were okay, but not as good as other supermarket doughnuts I’ve had.

If you look at the photos, you can see that they don’t have much of a cinnamon sugar coating.

They look like they were cooked slowly instead of quickly. The depth of flavour wasn’t quite there. Some of the photos show them as golden, but in reality they weren’t that vibrant colour.

Supermarket doughnuts can be a bit of a lottery. The good news is that on most occasions they are inexpensive and quite good.

Woolworths Cinnamon Donuts

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