Bexley’s not a great place. A very heavy road dissects the shopping centre. So not only do you need to wait an eternity to cross Forest Road, but once you do, the noise makes you wonder why you came in the first place.

Pete’s Artisan Bread & Cafe seems like a rose among a precinct of thorns. It is one of several cafe / bakeries that have given Bexley a go.

I went in hoping to find a home-made doughnut. They had a doughnut. One. And it wasn’t home-made. It was clearly made in a commercial kitchen. And it was Nutella, which is not a flavour I particularly like.

But I am a true doughnut explorer and so gave the non-home-made Nutella Doughnut a go.

In true non-home-made style, it was light and airy.

It had plenty of Nutella. The blob on top was merely a hint of what was to come on the inside.

So, it’s not going to feature in my top 10 Sydney doughnuts. But if you like Nutella, this might please your taste buds.

I have to say that the service was a bit disorganised too.

They don’t have much of a web presence. Even their Facebook page hasn’t been touched for about 3 years.

Pete’s Artisan Bread & Cafe

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