I rate the doughnuts at The Doughnut Mum, Warwick Farm to be among the very best in Sydney.

The Doughnut Mum was started by a young lady who believed she could offer good doughnuts at a reasonable price. And she has stuck to that objective and is clearly doing well.

On a recent visit, I bought a few different flavours. The one I’ll talk about here is the Matcha Doughnut.

Matcha is not the sort of flavour I’d normally go for. A tea flavoured doughnut simply isn’t my thing. But I thought I’d expand my doughnut horizons this time around.

The Matcha Doughnut stands out among the range for its distinctive green colour. Let’s face it, you don’t get too many green doughnuts. And in the window display of mainly beige and brown doughnuts, the Matcha is an eye-catcher (hey, that rhymes).

As with all doughnuts at The Doughnut Mum, the doughnut base is superb. Soft and chewy, the perfect base for the range of flavours.

What about the Matcha icing?

Well, it was a bit too sweet for my liking. I think, being Matcha, the sugar content could be lowered a little. Doing so might help to bring out the Matcha flavour a bit more. Because I really didn’t get much of a Matcha taste. Which is a shame because I’m sure a lot of thought and love went into making the Matcha icing.

Despite my criticism, it was still a superbly-made doughnut.

The Doughnut Mum

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