Caringbah is an unusual place. It has a few cafes, but none that seem to really stand out from the pack. It has one of Sydney’s last old-time milk bars (called Parry’s). It’s got a very busy road dissecting it, which must be a bit of a business killer.

It also has a bakery called Simple Simon Pies, which is right near the entrance to the train station.

The place could use a bit of a spruce up. Even the sign outside has been repaired with what looks like cling wrap. And the window display looks tired.

Anyway, they had a selection of doughnuts in the window, so that’s all that really mattered to me.

I got a cinnamon doughnut. Cinnamon doughnuts tend to usually only come in small size, but the ones in the window of Simple Simon Pies were the same size as the large iced doughnuts.

When I bit into it, I got a surprise. It wasn’t what I was expecting.

I was expecting a chewy deep fried doughnut. Instead, it was a cake doughnut with a soft, fluffy filling.

It was very evenly cooked, which for some reason was another surprise for me.

It had a good coating of cinnamon sugar.

I sort of liked the way it had a non-perfect shape – see the photos. It gave it an extra home-made touch.

You probably won’t find another doughnut in Caringbah, except for supermarket ones, so Simple Simon is your go-to for doughnuts.

All up, good value for money.

By the way, I found this very nice feel-good story about them.

Simple Simon Pies, Caringbah