When people discover that I write a doughnut blog, the first thing they ask is “Where is the best doughnut in Sydney?” I usually rattle off about 3 or 4 places. And the short list always includes The Doughnut Mum at Warwick Farm.

Without question, The Doughnut Mum doughnuts are extremely good.

Soft, chewy, tasty, their handcrafted doughnuts are made fresh every day.

I was last there about a year ago, after a faithful DomNuts reader, Marj, suggested I try their doughnuts.

I could tell that they have honed their recipe and range. They have also done a bit of work to the shop. Gone is the indoor seating, giving way to more kitchen space.

There is still plenty of outdoor seating.

I got several doughnuts on my most recent visit. The one I’ll talk about here is the Biscoff Doughnut, which I hadn’t tried before.

The Biscoff trend has really taken off in Australia over the last few years. You can even buy the paste in supermarkets now. It’s an interesting flavour, sort of caramel with a biscuit taste. Quite nice.

The doughnut was covered superbly in the Biscoff icing. It was soft but not too sticky. The was a light covering of Biscoff crumb sprinkled on top for visual effect. The icing is quite sweet.

It’s sort of like a caramel doughnut for grown-ups.

The doughnut was the usual excellent dough. The texture is simply delicious. It gives way when you bite into it. You’ll love it and it will love you back.

The Doughnut Mum also keeps their prices low. And you have to admire that.

If you haven’t tried a doughnut from The Doughnut Mum, you should take the trip there. You won’t be disappointed.

The Doughnut Mum