One of my great thrills is discovering hidden gems – doughnuts you simply wouldn’t know about except by word-of-mouth or by pure dumb luck. And this one is a perfect example, which for me was pure dumb luck.

I happened to be driving through Lilli Pilli one day. Where on this big bad earth is Lilli Pilli? It’s a wealthy suburb near Caringbah and Cronulla in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. The road in is quite long and so there are a few pockets of shops along the way. One of them had a place called Family Bakehouse. Of course, I had to check it out.

My eyes zeroed in on some doughnuts – obviously homemade. Bingo!

I got a jam ball doughnut plus a plain cinnamon doughnut.

They were excellent.

Very moist, almost to the point you’d say undercooked, but not in a bad way.

The dough was the yellow type, and deliciously soft.

I doubt the jam was homemade and was in fact probably that secret jam – apple sauce with flavouring.

The doughnuts had a light sugar coating and weren’t excessively sweet.

Due to its location, I doubt many people outside the local area know of this place. Well, I’m here to let it be known that those beyond the Lilli-Pidlians should try the Family Bakehouse.

By the way, their online presence is almost zero.

Family Bakehouse, Lilli Pilli