Cimini’s Pasticceria in Kogarah is well known for their award-winning pies and sausage rolls. But they also make a good selection of Italian sweet pastries. I headed there, eager to try one of their doughnuts.

I spotted the Zuccherati and that had to be my choice.

Zuccherati are Italian pastries with doughnut dough and custard filling. There are a few places in Sydney that make them, and you may have read a few reviews here on DomNuts of Zuccherati.

The one I got from Cimini’s Pasticceria was very good.

It was a good size – almost a meal.

It had plenty of creamy custard filling. A good Zuccherati needs a healthy amount of filling.

There was a nice coating of sugar which gave the dough a bit of sweetness.

The dough was soft, airy and a bit chewy. Pretty darn perfect.

The service was a bit cold and unfriendly, but was efficient.

If you get to Kogarah, get yourself to Cimini’s and try some of their offerings. It all looks very good.

Cimini’s Pasticceria