As the world’s most influential, most entertaining and most humble doughnut blogger, I find nothing more satisfying than stumbling across a great doughnut that no one else is going to tell you about. One that will never appear on those ‘Ten best doughnut’ stories that some over-paid flog at a foodies website has slapped together. But I, dear DomNuts readers, have again located exactly one of those really good unheralded doughnuts.

I was looking for a particular well-known cafe in Kogarah when I passed a little Greek bakery called Yianni’s. I spotted some Greek doughnuts, Loukoumas, in the front window – how could I resist?

The store wasn’t much to speak of – pretty much a counter with some Greek pastries and two middle-aged Greek women behind the counter. The signs were hand-written. The displays were ordinary. There was a steady stream of a few customers coming and going. The women weren’t particularly friendly. It was like stepping into another dimension.

There were a few doughnuts in the front window. The shapes were figure eights and none were exactly the same, but seriously, that hardly matters. In fact, it shows that they were handmade.

I got my Greek doughnut. Nothing fancy. Just some dough in an eight-shape covered in cinnamon sugar.

But there was something about it that made it special.

It felt like it was not there to look impressive but to taste impressive. It felt like it was home-made. It felt like it was made to a good ole fashioned Greek recipe and was going to be made exactly the same way for decades to come.

It was deliciously chewy, like every Greek doughnut I’ve had. The flavour was impeccable. Just tasty dough smothered in cinnamon sugar. The sugar made it messy and that’s part of the fun. You lose half of it, but there’s still plenty to make it gloriously sweet.

Like I said, you’ll never read about this doughnut in any article. There’s no website. There’s no strategic social media marketing campaign. You’ll probably only read about it here on DomNuts.

And that’s exactly why DomNuts proudly exists.

Yianni’s Bakery, Kogarah