Hummingbird Lane Patisserie is a busy, neat little bakery in the Oatley Village.

I’ve done a review before of their cinnamon doughnuts and this time, I got one of their new filled doughnuts.

I have a sneaking suspicion that they aren’t made there at the patisserie, but I could be wrong.

Each of the filled doughnuts comes on a little white serving paper.

The doughnut was soft and fluffy – not the chewy variety.

The custard was of perfect consistency – not runny, not too stiff. It was tasty and fresh. And there was what I’d consider to be the perfect amount.

The doughnut was covered in sugar, giving it the sweetness it needed.

This is a really nice doughnut. And I’d have to say, at $3.50, value for money.

Hummingbird also sells cinnamon doughnuts and iced doughnuts – but I don’t think they make the iced doughnuts there.

Hummingbird Lane Patisserie