A friend of mine, Eddie, sent me a review of a doughnut he got to try recently from a bakery called Berkelo.

Berkelo has four outlets on Sydney’s north shore, but it was at their stall at the weekend Carriageworks markets where Eddie spotted the doughnut.

This is Eddie’s second review. Here’s what he had to say about Berkelo:

I wanted to share another recent doughnut experience with you.

I was looking for a morning tea snack at the Carriageworks Farmers Market on the weekend. One of my favourites is the Morning Bun from Sonoma. However, on this Saturday, I noticed that Berkelo was offering a choc hazelnut sourdough doughnut which piqued my interest.

I had never heard of Berkelo before so I had to look them up.

They are a high end bakery focussed on sourdough baked goods with stores on the north side of Sydney. As I don’t go up that way of Sydney often, I took this chance to savour one of their doughnuts.

Covered with a coating of cinnamon, the dough was a tasty, light sourdough. The choc hazelnut filling wasn’t too sweet and complimented the cinnamon and dough well.

The cinnamon lingered on my tastebuds after I finished the doughnut, which stretched my enjoyment of the snack.

As sourdough is reported to assist in the digestive process, it could be argued that it is healthier than the usual doughnuts. 😊

The next time I’m at the Farmers Market, I will check out if Berkelo have any other varieties of their sourdough doughnut as, despite my enjoyment of the doughnut, I don’t have a sense of urgency to try it again.

If not, there’s always a Morning Bun!


Photos are by Eddie.