When I think of strawberries and cream, I think of Wimbledon. It’s weird, because I’ve never been to Wimbledon, let alone had strawberries and cream there. Hell, I’m not even a tennis fan. But apparently, the dish has been served at Wimbledon since its inception in 1877 and the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

Well, Wimbledon didn’t happen this year because of COVID, but I still managed to get a Strawberries and Cream Doughnut from Grumpy Donuts in Camperdown, which is not far from Sydney Uni.

To create the Strawberries and Cream Doughnut, the people at Grumpy Doughnuts take with Vanilla Glaze Doughnut, slice it in half, fill it with cream and add some fresh strawberry pieces.

As far as I’m aware, the Strawberries and Cream Doughnut was a limited edition, so I’m sorry if you turn up to their store hoping to get one and they don’t have any. I’m sure they’ll have other good options when you arrive.

So, what’s it like?

Most people in the world love strawberries and cream, so this one is a winner.

Grumpy Donuts doughnuts are excellent and it’s just a matter of whether the variations hits the mark. This one did.

I’m going to guess that the cream was probably commercially made.

The cream to strawberry ratio was heavily in favour of the cream. Meanwhile, the strawberries were fresh (I can tell the difference).

As a whole, it was very good.

I reckon the people at Wimbledon would go crazy for them if they had a chance.

Grumpy Donuts

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