I’ve been following Demochi Donut on their social media pages for a while, and finally had the chance to try them out.

They advertise that their doughnuts are made with the Japanese sweet called Mochi.

I have only tried one thing with mochi flavouring, and I enjoyed it – it was a prototype for a certain product which I can’t give any details about because it’s not released yet. Doesn’t that make me sound special?! And no, it’s not a doughnut.

What made me even keener was when my friend, Eddie, sent me a link to a video of an American guy who reviews things in Tokyo, and did a half-hour spot on a place that sells mochi doughnuts. They looked amazing. The doughnuts were dripping with luscious mochi.

Demochi, here I come.

I had heard about queues outside Demochi, but if you pre-order, you skip the queues.

I should add at this point that Demochi Donut opens for just 3 hours a week – Saturday evenings. That’s it!

So I pre-ordered a box of 4.

I went and got my doughnuts bang on opening time. There was no queue.

Here are a couple of other points…

They often talk on social media about some fabulous flavours, but when I was there, the display case was full and there was only cinnamon, strawberry and cinnamon balls. Where were the others?

Also, they talk about a choice of sauces. I was never offered a choice – they just gave me my box – that was it.

At this point, I was still looking forward to my doughnuts. I received 2 cinnamon and 2 strawberry.

They gave me a little tub of chocolate sauce – it’s probably what I would have picked anyway.

I had one of the cinnamon doughnuts.

Well, it was no big deal.

The dough was dense, like a pretzel. It was coated top and bottom in cinnamon sugar. I dipped it in the chocolate sauce, which was nice. I didn’t detect anything to do with mochi.

Their website says:
Meet Demochi. A creation between a donut & mochi. The result, a light crisp with a pillowy perfect chew.

I had the other cinnamon doughnut the next morning and what was left of the chocolate sauce had solidified. Remember that – it’s not sauce, but melted chocolate.

A note about their address – if you Google them, their address is still listed as Banksia, but they have relocated to Croydon.

And remember – open only 3 hours a week.

Also important, at the time this post is released to the world, Demochi has announced that they are only in Croydon for one more Saturday. The will be re-locating, but they haven’t announced where yet.

Demochi Donut

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