Sutherland must have one of the highest ratios of cafes to other shops in the known universe. It seems like every second shop is a cafe. Most of them have the usual banana bread and muffins, but I was looking for something a bit different.

There’s a cafe called Sweet Mayhem that specialises in cakes, but they were all the rich type with loads of cream, which simply isn’t my thing.

I looked in every other cafe in Sutherland and finally I came across one called The Station Patisserie. Not only did they have doughnuts, but they were house-made.

Not only that, but it was their very first day of trading.

There were several people out the back, busily working away, while a barista and a girl at the register were ticking things along efficiently. The service was excellent. I’ll also add that the cost of their food was very reasonable.

They had quite a few baked treats to choose from, naturally I chose some doughnuts. This post is about their Cinnamon Doughnut.

It was a good sized doughnut, covered in cinnamon sugar.

It was Italian-style. The dough was dense and chewy – that’s how it is meant to be.

While you could go around the corner to the big Coles and buy a bag of freshly-made cinnamon doughnuts, they will be different to the Italian-style ones at The Station Patisserie. Give the kids the ones from Coles – adults will enjoy the ones from The Station Patisserie.

I was rather pleased that of all days I chose to go to Sutherland, I picked the day that The Station Patisserie started trading.

I’ve pointed out before that good doughnuts in the Sutherland Shire are rare. So if you’re near this place, enjoy it.

Being brand new, they don’t have much web-presence at the moment. So right here at DomNuts is your most reliable and honest first-hand information. Well, that goes permanently with every review, but even more so on this occasion.

And in an area where there is no shortage of cafes, The Station Patisserie, with its excellent house-made treats, has a terrific point of difference.

The Station Patisserie

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