Big Daddy’s Donuts opened earlier this year in Macquarie Centre in North Ryde, which is in Sydney’s north-west.

And what a time to open – right when the whole COVID thing blew up big time.

Big Daddy’s Instagram post from 23 March 2020

Big Daddy’s Donuts is located near the cinemas in Macquarie Centre. They do American-style doughnuts and coffee.

I’m sure they were expecting to be busy with business from the cinema-goers, but COVID pretty much destroyed that, for the time being, at least. We hope for them that things pick up.

I’ve been trying to get to North Ryde to try Big Daddy’s doughnuts, but in the meantime, my friend and fellow doughnut fan, Eddie, sent me a review.

Here’s his story…

I was at Macquarie Centre on Thursday and stopped by Big Daddy’s Donuts. I haven’t seen a review on your website so not sure if you have tried their donuts or not.

They had a good selection of flavours and the challenge was to choose just one. I decided on the Baklava one.

The pastry was light, moist and not particularly oily. The icing was a good level of sweetness.

I thought $5 for one or $25 for 6 was good value.

The coffee was relatively expensive as it was being served from one of the small automatic/pre-set machines.

As the donuts are made offsite, I hope they become available elsewhere.

It’s a place I would return to if I find myself at Macquarie Centre again.

Big Daddy’s Donuts

Photos are thanks to Eddie.

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