I saw some cronuts sitting in the display of Dora’s Breakfast stand and some sort of magnetic force drew me over. I had no control over my legs, I swear.

But as I got closer, I realised these were mass-produced cronuts. Too late – Dora had me in her clutches, not literally, but being the good saleswoman that she is, I was a soft target.

Just to make sure, I asked her if she made the cronuts and she said that they come from her supplier – her supplier being Bob & Pete’s or similar, who are large Sydney suppliers of baked things for cafes and restaurants.

Dora had 2 types of cronuts – Nutella and Cinnamon. She also had an ‘Italian Nutella Bomb Doughnut’. I know her supplier is the one calling it that, but it’s not an Italian doughnut.

My cronut wasn’t the greatest cronut in the world, but at least it was fresh. The last time I had a mass-produced cronut it was obviously not fresh. The difference is in the texture of the dough and the aftertaste. A stale cronut is rubbery and doesn’t give when you bite it while the aftertaste is sour and floury. Dora’s cronut was soft, tasty and didn’t leave a sour aftertaste.

The cronut was decent value for money – Dora was only charging $5 for it. She could easily have been asking for another dollar at least. And she’s a nice person and a good saleswoman.

As there doesn’t seem to be any website, Facebook page or even a review for Dora’s Breakfast, I say, with this story, welcome to the internet.

Dora’s Breakfast

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