Fritters, for all their ugliness, seem so tempting. They look moist, juicy, sloppy and melt-in-your-mouth tasty. I’m talking about the ones that are related to doughnuts, because of course, there are other types of fritters.

And each time I get one of these fritters, I’m surprised by how dry they actually are. I can only guess that this is how they are meant to be.

That was the case with the Mixed Berry Fritter from Simon Says Donuts.

It looked so moist, I couldn’t resist. But it was actually dry. Looks are deceiving.

It had loads of flavour, thanks to the mixed berry coulis and vanilla icing.

You can see by the photo that there are veins of coulis running through it.

The fritter is not a regular on their menu. So if you crave one and you see it at their market stall, you better grab it because it might not be back for a while.

And the verdict…

Well, it was good and it was big, but I prefer the doughnuts that Simon Says does. And I’ve already done a few reviews of their doughnut range.

The topping is what gave it all the flavour, and it was a nice combination of the fruit and icing.

Simon Says Donuts

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