I nearly wasn’t going to get one of these No Sugar/97% Sugar Free donuts. I’m not into healthy foods disguised as unhealthy foods. But I thought it would be irresponsible of me to discriminate.

They come in 4 different flavours. I chose the Caramel Spice.

By the way, these are kept in the fridge at Woolworths.

This is from the Noshu website:
Our delicious baked donuts are sugar free, gluten free and uber low carb with an average of only 130 calories per serve. Each donut has less carbs, less sugar and more fibre than a medium apple – but apples don’t have sprinkles or icing!

I guess the name Noshu is short for ‘no sugar’. The o has a line above it, called a macron. This makes the o into a long sound – like oo. So I think the correct way to pronounce it is if you’re describing recently purchased footwear – ‘new shoe’.

So what was my 97% Sugar Free Caramel Spice Donut like?

You know when your sister makes her first cake and mucks up the recipe a little bit. She’s really proud of it, but you wish your mother had have stepped in and paid closer attention to the ingredient levels. And with every bite, your taste buds are searching for flavour. Meanwhile your brain is trying to work out how to be polite when you’re going to inevitably be asked “do you like it?”

It’s a lot like that.

They look alright, but highly flavour-challenged.

I think my taste buds found the 3% sugar, but they had to search pretty hard.

I wonder if these things are going to take on. Who would buy them? Health food fanatics craving a doughnut? Maybe people who have problems with gluten.

Not my thing.


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