No matter what doughnut shop I find, if they have a pineapple doughnut, I’ll give it a go. I am searching for that elusive flavour that takes me back to my teens when I got a pineapple doughnut from the tuck shop at school almost every day. Some doughnuts go close, but none capture the true essence of a tuck shop pineapple doughnut.

Now I should point out that were 2 types of tuck shop pineapple doughnuts. The first was soaked in a syrup and didn’t have any icing. The other was covered in a hard glazing. The pineapple flavour was similar but the execution was different. Both were delicious.

So Simon Says Donuts does a pineapple doughnut. I had to check it out.

Simon Says has fallen into that trap of having to give their products kooky names, so their pineapple doughnut is called Pineapple Express, which really means nothing except that it’s the name of a movie, a weather event and a strain of marijuana. So because it has the word ‘pineapple’, it becomes the adopted name for the Simon Says pineapple doughnut. Which one they named the doughnut after, I’m not sure.

I could see straight away that this wasn’t the same as the tuck shop pineapple doughnut – and I’m talking about the variety with the glazing. The colour was lighter and the glaze wasn’t the same. The pineapple flavour wasn’t as intense as the tuck shop doughnut.

It had a drizzle of green icing on it, which gave the presentation a bit of a lift.

Simon Says doughnuts are excellent, don’t get me wrong. And they’re entitled to do their own interpretation of a flavour. And it’s a great doughnut. It just isn’t quite the same as the tuck shop pineapple doughnut.

Simon Says Donuts

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