I have had several Dr Dough doughnuts from Mug Life, but I think I’ve found their best.

The one called God Damn Lemon Meringue is spectacular.

It has a really stupid name which I don’t get. But the flavour is sublime.

Be warned – it’s sweet. Really sweet. I think they have discovered a formula for a way of making sugar sweeter.

Let’s break it down…

On top is crushed meringue. It’s meringue the way I like it – a bit crunchy and a bit marshmallowy. It’s sweet. Did I warn you about that before? It’s sweet.

Then it has a glaze over the doughnut. I’m going to guess it’s purpose is to make the meringue stick to the doughnut. It also happens to make the doughnut even more sweet.

Finally, it has a nice lemon curd in the centre. There’s plenty of it. Normally lemon curd is tangy and just a little bit sweet. This one is sweet.

So, I’m sure you got the message about the doughnut – nice but very sweet.

The service is at Mug Life cafe is over the top. Even though there’s a counter between you and them, once you walk in they’re all over you. I think they actually have too many staff. It’s too much. I feel like I’m being stalked because every move I make is being watched. Not sweet.

To be clear: Dr Dough makes the doughnuts; Mug Life cafe sells the doughnuts.

Dr Dough Doughnuts at Mug Life Cafe, Pyrmont

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