There was a story in The Sydney Morning Herald on 6 March 2020 about a new food app called Bring Me Home.

Featured in the article was Donut Papi, which is one of the food establishments to come on board with the app.

Instead of throwing out the unsold doughnuts, they upload details about them, and sell them at a discounted rate. People have to order the food and collect it within a certain time.

In the article, it is quoted that a box of 6 doughnuts would normally cost $35. But through the app you could get them for $9.90 – the catch is that they are yesterday’s doughnuts. The owner of Donut Papi, Kenneth Rodrigueza, says, “They’re still OK the next day.”

I applaud this initiative. We waste far too much food in this world.

While Donut Papi’s owner was concerned it could harm his brand, which is a risk you take when you discount your product, he sees the benefit of saving his doughnuts from being thrown away.

Here’s the full article:
Waste not want not: Apps offer path to reducing food waste

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