As usual, I started taking photos when I saw a display case with doughnuts and cronuts at Auckland Wharf while waiting for a ferry to Devonport.

Ferry Cafe - Auckland Wharf
Ferry Cafe – Auckland Wharf

The guy behind the counter said I couldn’t take photos.

I said, “Don’t you want your products on the internet and advertised for free?”

“No,” he replied.

This guy obviously has no idea about the power of social media. Nor does he know the awesome power of DomNuts to take a business to the top of a mountain or crush it like a stale cracker.

These days, people are usually delighted that you’re going to put their business on social media. It’s free marketing for them.

So he went from receiving a neutral post about his doughnuts from me to receiving a negative one.

I didn’t buy anything from him. I also tried to freak him out a little by hovering around with my phone in my hand, poised like I might at any given moment whip it up and rattle off a few unwanted snaps of his store.

I didn’t take more photos while he was watching, but surreptitiously I did take more – because I can be evil sometimes.

I didn’t take a photo of the guy, but here’s a drawing of him:

Accurate depiction of man selling doughnuts at Auckland Wharf.

Like I said, I can be evil sometimes.

Ferry Cafe, Auckland Wharf