My eldest daughter loves to travel. She likes going to places that, while safe, are not your traditional number 1 tourist destinations. She’d go to the moon if it were possible.

In 2018, she visited South America, going to places like the Amazon jungle, the salt flats of Bolivia, the Andes Mountains and Machu Picchu.

Of course, she is always on the lookout for doughnuts.


She couldn’t exactly bring me back a fresh one from South America, so she settled on a packet of Choco Donuts from Peru, made by a company called Costa.

It turns out the description of ‘donut’ is purely due to their shape. They are actually biscuits, tasting a lot like Arnott’s Tee Vee Snacks. There are six in each pack.

To translate some of the words on the packaging:
sabor chocolate con leche means milk chocolate flavoured
ricas, frescas y crujientes means rich, strong and crispy

So, I can sort of say I’ve had a doughnut from South America.

Costa Choco Donuts