Melbourne’s famous doughnut maker, Walker’s Doughnuts, is about to open a store in Darling Harbour in Sydney.

This will be their first Sydney outlet, indeed, their first outlet outside of Melbourne.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Well, Hellooo to you tooo
Sydney's best doughnuts
The notice on the Walker’s Doughnuts website

My daughters tried Walker’s in Melbourne just a few months ago, and they raved in a way only young girls can.

So I’m looking forward to the Darling Harbour store opening. The sign said mid-December, but sneaking a peak behind the petitions, it looked like there was plenty of work to be done just a few weeks out from Christmas.

No matter what, as soon as they’re open, I’ll be shifting my tuchus to Darling Harbour for a taste of their inviting doughnuts.

The location is right next to McDonald’s. Interestingly, McDonald’s is currently the only place that sells doughnuts in Darling Harbour at the moment. 

Sydney's best doughnuts
You can just spot McDonald’s on the left

Walker’s Doughnuts

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