Custard Ball Doughnut with Chocolate Icing @ Fantasy Donuts, Figtree

When I visited Figtree, a suburb not far from Wollongong city, I didn’t spot one fig tree.

Fantasy Donuts, Figtree
Figtree Grove Shopping Centre

So where did the name come from?

This is from Wikipedia:

The suburb is named after a giant fig tree that once stood on the eastern side of the highway at the junction with O’Brien’s Road, a mountain pass used in early days of settlement built by subscription in 1821 before completion by convict labour of Mount Keira road. 

The famous figtree was cut down in 1996 and only a small portion of its trunk is left.

The thing that stands out in the text above is that in the first paragraph, ‘fig tree’ is two words, and in the second, it’s one word. The name of the suburb, Figtree, is one word.

Meanwhile, one thing still standing in Figtree is Fantasy Donuts in the Figtree Grove shopping centre.

Fantasy Donuts, Figtree
Choices, choices

If the name Fantasy Donuts rings a bell, it’s because I have also visited Fantasy Donuts in nearby Dapto. It appears to be run by the same company, however their web presence doesn’t give much away, and the signage on the walls look different. There is also a Fantasy Donuts in Nowra. So, I’m guessing, with at least 3 outlets with the unusual name of Fantasy Donuts in the Illawarra region, there has to be some connection.

Another hint of connection is that there is a similarity in the doughnuts.

Anyway, what about Figtree’s Fantasy Donuts?

Fantasy Donuts, Figtree
A rare moment when there were no customers

It was a busy little store. There was barely a moment when somebody wasn’t buying some doughnuts.

There were no crazy or exotic flavoured doughnuts, but they did have a few with funny shapes, which are obviously there to grab the attention of kids.

I got a Custard Ball Doughnut with Chocolate Icing, mainly because I don’t think I’ve had that combination of flavours before.

Well, you know… it was okay. This isn’t a place that’s going to cater to the gourmet doughnut market, so in that respect, the doughnut was good.

Fantasy Donuts, Figtree
Mmmmm custard

It was soft and fresh, apparently made on the premises.

The custard was obviously a commercial one, but at least it was a good choice.

And the lady serving was very polite, even though she was quite busy.

Perhaps they could sell a fig-flavoured doughnut… you know, because it’s Figtree… get it?

Fantasy Doughnuts