Assorted chances to get a doughnut @ Geelong outside Westfield

Geelong is a nice city. It’s quite busy with a big-ass Westfield sprawling across a vast amount of it. The water precinct has a beautiful marina and a make-shift beach. The whole city has a very family feel about the place.

I’ve talked about the doughnuts inside Westfield Geelong. What about the ones NOT in Westfield?

Along Moorabool Street are two hot bread stores located just a few doors from each other – probably run by Vietnamese. I must admit, I rarely buy anything from Vietnamese bakeries. I don’t feel that the quality is there. The ones on Moorabool seem to do quite well as both stores were well stocked by the typically hard-working Vietnamese bakers. I chose not to buy any doughnuts, although there were plenty for sale.

There’s a trendy little area on Little Malop Street with small bars and eateries. Just off Little Malop is a place called James Street Bakery. Alas, it wasn’t open when I went past it, so I don’t know if they do doughnuts or not. Their website doesn’t give any clues.

Along Geelong’s waterfront are lots of cafés and eateries. There is an ice-cream shop called Blis. Blis sells small doughnuts and a doughnut flavoured ice-cream. They have plain cinnamon doughnuts as well as a selection of ‘glazed’ (they mean ‘iced and decorated’). I chose not to have a doughnut or the ice-cream.

Next week, I’ll talk about the doughnut shop in Geelong called… wait for it… Uncle Donut.

James Street Bakery