I did not get a doughnut @ Westfield Geelong

Westfield Geelong is typically large. If your shop’s not in Westfield, it’s going to struggle because no one will make the trip to your store. Arguably, if it is in Westfield you’re also going to struggle because the rent will kill you. Who wins? Westfield.

What doughnuts are in Westfield Geelong?

There’s a dreaded Breadtop with what you might call doughnuts, but let me point out, I would never bother with a Breadtop doughnut, in fact I would never bother with a Breadtop anything. Dreadful food, dreadful hygiene, dreadful service. I know people love Breadtop, but certainly not this guy.

Also in Westfield, there is a place called Paper Cup & Co. They had soft looking doughnuts, or as their signs said, ‘donout’s’*, but I didn’t try them. I had a snack and coffee there and the service was as bad as their spelling.

And also in Westfield, I spotted a busy café called Launch. They had some lovely looking doughnuts, so I went and asked about them. They had two options: ‘Peanut Butter and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Tim Tam Bam’. They little signs say they are supplied by Bistro Morgan. Unfortunately, the doughnuts were sitting uncovered on the top of the counter. Extremely unhygienic. So, I chose not to get one. Such a shame that these beautiful looking doughnuts, made with care and affection, would be placed where they are highly exposed to germs.

I looked up Bistro Morgan’s website and discovered that it is a Doughnut Café in Windsor, just south of Melbourne. It is owned and run by a young guy named Morgan Hipworth. He’s still a teenager and fell into the business after people realised his doughnuts were something special. His website calls him ‘Melbourne’s doughnut king’, but on another page, he’s ‘Melbourne’s doughnut prince’. Sounds like a good guy to me, even if he can’t decide upon his regal status. Then again, I can’t make up my mind if I’m a Royal Fool or simply a Joker.

Hopefully, Launch will see that displaying uncovered food on the counter is a big mistake and against the law^. It’s something many cafés do, and I think it should be addressed by Australia’s Food Safety Authorities. Sneeze guards for salad bars are essential. So too, all other ready-to-eat food should be protected.

Westfield Geelong
Bistro Morgan

*“Donout’s” – really? They could spell “raspberry” correctly, but couldn’t get “doughnuts” or “donuts” right. Perhaps it’s the alternative spellings that create the confusion. So, they did some weird hybrid spelling, smashing both together and completely botching the job for all to see right there in their display case. And lots of people get the apostrophe before the s incorrect too. A plural doesn’t need an apostrophe. Simple.

^8(1) A food business must, when displaying food, take all practicable measures to protect the food from the likelihood of contamination.
Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements
A Guide To The Food Safety Standards Second Edition, January 2001