One of the big events in Sydney every year is Vivid in June. It’s incredibly popular and spreads across different parts of Sydney, the focus being around Sydney Harbour. It’s clever because it incorporates the Sydney landscape and structures into a stunning series of light shows.

Naturally, food trucks gather – and they plonk them at the Overseas Passenger terminal near The Rocks. And when there are food trucks, you’re always going to find gozleme and doughnuts.

Pimp My Donut
2017 – Pimp My Donut notice about Vivid
Diego's Donuts
Diego’s Donuts an hour before trading

Last year, a company called Pimp My Doughnut created unusual doughnuts. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures, but they made doughnuts that glowed in the dark – very appropriate for Vivid.

Diego's Donuts
Diego’s Donuts choices at Vivid

This year, Diego’s Donuts got the gig. They did their usual offering, which is mainly cinnamon and Nutella doughnuts – no glowing doughnuts.

Diego's Donuts
Diego’s Donuts cinnamon doughnuts

I got some cinnamon doughnuts, cooked while I waited. They were good. Not the absolute best cinnamon doughnuts I’ve ever had, but good nonetheless.

There was another doughnut food truck nearby, called Just Donuts. It was being run by a couple of young people. It did not have the same attraction as the Diego’s Donuts van. The kids looked disinterested and the doughnuts weren’t displayed very well. The position also wasn’t as good, being tucked further down the quiet side of the road.

Donut Papi
Donut Papi’s announcement about the Milk n Sugar event

There was a brief event during Vivid, called the Milk ‘n’ Sugar Dessert Market – which is a night dessert market. Donut Papi, of whom I have reviewed a couple of doughnuts, set up a stand and sold glittering doughnuts. However, I didn’t make it to that event. Pimp My Donut was also at the event this year.

Pimp My Donut
Pimp My Donut at this year’s Milk n Sugar

The Diego’s Donuts food truck pops up at various markets.

Diego’s Donuts