Salted Caramel Filled Doughnut @ The Art House Café, Port Kembla

I must admit, I’ve been to better places than Port Kembla.

I was there on a chilly Saturday morning. First time in my life I had been to Port Kembla. I was just about the only human on the main shopping road – Wentworth Street.

There are some cafés and pubs, an artist’s hub and just a few other odds and ends along the main road. Some shops look permanently closed.

I checked every café for doughnuts in Port Kembla. Here’s the list:

Port Kembla doughnuts
Tonitto Continental Cakes

Tonitto Continental Cakes – nice looking cakes, but no doughnuts.

Port Kembla doughnuts
Mac’s Pies Port Kembla

Mac’s Pies – not open.

Port Kembla doughnuts
The Foundery Port Kembla

The Foundery – no doughnuts.

Port Kembla doughnuts
Enigma Cafe Port Kembla

Enigma Café – no doughnuts.

Port Kembla doughnuts
The Art House Cafe Port Kembla

The Art House Café – doughnuts – see below.

11 Cafe One
Cafe One Port Kembla

Café One (off Wentworth St) – not open.

12 Cafe 10
Cafe 10 Port Kembla

Café 10 (around the corner from Wentworth St) – not open.

Café One and Café 10?? It’s nice that they number their cafes, but where are the eight cafés in-between?

13 Mural
Ooooh cool mural

One good thing about the main street of Port Kembla is that there is a big mural on one wall. I wonder what the story behind it is.

Port Kembla doughnuts
One of many mosaics on the footpath

Also, there are a few mosaics on the footpath. I love the art of mosaics, so I was impressed.

The Art House Café is set amid a small artist’s hub on Wentworth Street.

15 Art House
Only one left

There was one lonely doughnut left at the Art House Café, so I grabbed it… not literally. It was a Salted Caramel Filled Doughnut.

Clearly, they didn’t bake it there. It was probably a commercially made doughnut that they get with their other sweets.

21 Art House
Looks okay

The one thing that struck me about it was that is was sweet. Sickly sweet. The more I had of it, the less I could tolerate. I ended up throwing some of it away – that’s how sweet it was – it’s rare for me to throw away a doughnut.

Port Kembla doughnuts
Goodness, how sweet is it?!

Had I known, I would have got something from Tonitto instead.

The Art House Café