Pink Iced Doughnut @ Coolalinga Bakery, Coolalinga Central

Tired, hungry, thirsty after a day in the Litchfield National Park (not Litchfield Prison), my wife and I stopped at Coolalinga to refresh.

Well, for my wife it was ‘refresh’, for me it was ‘check out the doughnuts’.

Coles Coolalinga
The usual doughnuts at Coles Coolalinga

Coles had the usual stuff. But I knew there would be better.

Coolalinga Bakery
Coolalinga Bakery

I was right – Coolalinga Bakery.

There were quite a few delicious-looking doughnuts to choose from. I chose one with pink icing.

Coolalinga Bakery doughnuts
Some of the Coolalinga Bakery doughnuts
Coolalinga Bakery doughnut
What’s this? A single green sprinkle?

After I made my decision, I noticed something else sitting in the display case. There were little things that looked a lot like Italian doughnuts. I was about to change my mind and go with these little things of beauty but decided to stick with my original choice.

When I sat down to eat it, there was something unusual about this pink doughnut that struck me. There was one little green sprinkle among all the pink ones.

Did it fall onto my doughnut by accident? Or was it placed there deliberately by the chef to mess with my mind? Was the chef laughing evilly knowing that some fool had been given the pink doughnut with one green sprinkle? Or was the chef sending me a coded message? Do I eat the green sprinkle or spare it?

I worked it out. That single green sprinkle among the pink ones was a metaphor for the ongoing destruction of our planet.

The pink icing represents the earth, pink and bare, while the many pink sprinkles represent the overpowering wave of humankind… the spread of people… the growing out and up of so called civilisation… over population, over development, deforestation, destruction of the ozone layer… tsunamis, tornados, cyclones… volcanoes, dormant for years, suddenly erupting… El Nino, El Diablo, Elle MacPherson… global warming and the melting of the ice-cap… earthquakes, fire, brimstone, the prince of darkness…!

Meanwhile, the one green sprinkle is a metaphor for nature. It lies lonely yet stands somehow stoic, bravely striving to exist.

With this one doughnut, a message is being delivered – to save our earth before it declines, before we destructive humans overcome the last remnants of life apart from our own and turn this world into a barren wasteland.

So powerful. So delicate. So moving.

So delicious.

Coolalinga Bakery doughnut

I shed a quiet tear as I devoured this eloquent piece of social commentary.

It was a typical doughnut that bread shops make… very bread-like. Dough, nice but chewy like a sweet bread roll.

When I finished, I screwed up the paper bag it came in and went to toss it in the red bin.

But then I stopped and carefully placed it in the recycling bin.

The message got through.

Coolalinga Central
Coolalinga Central

Coolalinga Bakery