Jam-filled and Iced Doughnuts @ Lorne, Victoria

Lorne is a town that, if you travel the Great Ocean Road, you’ll no doubt pass through.

And it’s another one of those places where you think “Where did they get that name?” and wonder, on this occasion, if it has a nice lawn. Or maybe it was named after the actor Lorne Greene from Bonanza because they thought it would be a bonanza for businesses.

Lorne is not far south of Australia’s most famous surfing beach – Bells Beach. It looks onto Louttit Bay.

Lorne. Bells Beach. Louttit Bay. Where do they get these names?

So how does Lorne stack up for doughnuts? I went around to all the cafes and bakeries to see what the deal was.

02 Andrews

Andrew’s Chicken Joint Café – no doughnuts.

03 Grandmas

Grandma Shields Bakery – doughnuts. See below.

17 Moons

Moons Espresso & Juice Bar – no doughnuts, too healthy.

18 Kafe Kaos

Kafe Kaos Café Juice Bar – no doughnuts, too healthy.

20 Bottle oM

Bottle Of Milk – no doughnuts.

Louttit Bay Bakery – small selection of doughnuts. Didn’t get any.

25 Lorne Larder

Lorne Larder – no doughnuts.

26 GOR Bakehouse

Great Ocean Road Bakehouse – cockatoo, doughnuts. See below.

Grandma Shields Bakery is probably the pick of the joints for a good pastry. The sign in the window says it was a Silver Medal Winner on three consecutive times in the Great Aussie Pie Competition. So I had a look at the competition website and didn’t find any mention of Grandma Shields.

By the way, I will point out that the shop signs have no apostrophe in Shields, but their Facebook page says Shield’s. Somehow, I think both are incorrect.

They have large jam-filled doughnuts, plus small cinnamon and iced doughnuts. I got a jam-filled doughnut. It had loads of jam and was coated in sugar. Good stuff.

Then I got a doughnut from the Great Ocean Road Bakehouse. A white cockatoo greeted me as I entered. I’m not sure if he’s a temporary guest or the store owner.

They have lots of doughnuts, all small sized. I went for one with passionfruit icing.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. The icing was hard and the dough was soft and oily, so it was quite different to most of the other doughnuts I’d had on my journey of South Australia and Victoria.

I took it up to nearby Teddy’s Lookout to eat. Alas, there was no teddy bears to look at there.

Teddy’s Lookout. Where do they get these names?

Grandma Shields Bakery

Great Ocean Road Bakehouse