Apple Cro-Donut @ Uppercrust Health Food Bar, Gateway Shopping Centre, Palmerston

Well, this is the first time I’ve ever seen doughnuts in a health food bar.

Uppercrust Health Food Bar in Palmerston’s Gateway Shopping Centre east of Darwin is either very liberal about what it considers a health food, or it has an evil second personality (don’t we all?!)

I really liked the look of these doughnuts and cronuts. I’m sure they source them from a major supplier, but I didn’t see anything similar while I was in Darwin.

Anyway, the filled doughnuts looked really good, but I went for the Apple Cro-Donut.

The lady who served me was extremely nice. She asked me if I wanted it heated, but I said no as I was taking it with me to eat later. She said to pop it I the microwave for a few seconds.

I actually had it at room temperature – or let’s say Northern Territory outdoors temperature, which was about 30 degrees.

It was topped with stewed apple and a topping like you’d find on an apple crumble. And I love apple crumble.

There was a bit of custard on the inside – could have used more.

The pastry was typical cronut – crispy on the outside and coated in sugar, light and oily on the inside.

It was okay, but nothing great. It would have been nicer heated.

Uppercrust Health Food Bar