Zero Doughnuts @ Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, Darwin

Most of Australia’s population lives on the east coast. So, to go to a major city and see the sun setting over the water is quite rare. But it happens in Darwin at beautiful west-facing Mindil Beach.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

Mindil Beach is also the location of the best-regarded markets in and around Darwin. They happen Thursday and Sunday evenings in the Dry Season – April to October.

There is great food to choose from… but sadly, no doughnuts.

When I was there, with all those stalls, there wasn’t one doughnut to be found.

Sydney's best doughnuts
I think something needs a fresh paint job

There was a food truck with churros, but they were the least organised of all the stalls. They were the last to set up and the stall itself looked very un-inviting. It could really use a new paint job, and perhaps a lesson in presentation.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Dreamtime Bakehouse

There was also one, called Dreamtime Bakehouse, that sold chimney cakes, which are a relative of doughnuts. But I didn’t go for one.

If you go to Darwin, you can’t miss Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, even though it is obviously a real downer that there are no doughnuts.

Mindil Beach is a walkable distance from the Darwin CBD. And the sunsets are amazing.

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets