Iced Doughnuts @ Yatzies, Lavers Hill, Victoria

Why is the Great Ocean Road called the Great Ocean Road?

Is it because the road is long, and hence great?

Is it because the ocean upon which it overlooks is enormous, and hence great?

Is it because the coastal scenery is spectacular, and hence great?

Wikipedia doesn’t shed too much light on the issue. And as that’s the extent of my research on the topic, I may never know the answer.

Regardless of the name, the scenery is amazing, particularly around the section where the Twelve Apostles are located. My goodness – it’s beautiful.

On to more important matters… doughnuts.

You’ll notice it’s not called the Great Doughnut Road. The reason for this is something I can answer. A good doughnut is very difficult to find.

On the journey that my family took, the road led us inland to a place called Lavers Hill. There’s not much at Lavers Hill except a place to fill up with petrol, called Yatzies, because if you don’t fill up there, you might not make it to the next place without running out.

And the petrol was priced accordingly.

Guess what. They had doughnuts.

8 Yatzies

Yatzies, being the only business for miles, is a bit of this and a bit of that – petrol station, café, pancake specialists (apparently) and tourist information. And the information they give you is that “you better fill up here, or you’ll run out… despite the price.”

You can see by the picture that the petrol bowser is antique. Surprisingly, it was in dollars and cents, proving that Lavers Hill was somewhat up-to-date with the rest of the world. I hear they are getting colour television soon.

Anyway, they had doughnuts. Nothing special – just the usual café doughnuts. I didn’t get one because I saw one of the staff pick one up with her bare hands. Perhaps modern utensils, such as tongs, haven’t reached Lavers Hill yet. I don’t think adequate lighting has reached there either, because it was a dark and dingy place.

Needless to say, they don’t have a website. In fact, apart from the usual 2 sentences on Tripadvisor, this is probably the only review of Yatzies ever done.

Get the petrol, not the doughnuts.