Original Mini Donut @ High Society, The Shoppes, Singapore

Singapore is probably the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. It’s colourful, clean, has tasteful art installations and plenty of park space.

My wife wanted to stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel because of its famous infinity pool. The hotel costs about a million dollars a night. So, unless you’re Bill Gates, the Sultan of Brunei or a drug king pin, you pretty much have to mortgage your children to stay there, which is what I was happy to do.


The hotel is huge and has a large shopping complex called The Shoppes. They obviously spent all their money on the building and left nothing for the creative team.

Name an exclusive brand and you’ll find it here. These are the stores I instinctively walk straight past because window shopping makes me feel like a street dweller.

There’s food… food I can afford.

I panicked a bit. I saw doughnuts in a place called High Society in The Shoppes and thought it might be the only doughnut I see during my brief stay in Singapore. So I got one, even though the choice didn’t look that great and they were all rather small. I think the one I chose was ‘original’ flavour. I’m not sure what they meant by ‘original’.

High Society is a café and restaurant with lots of tempting sweets, all beautifully displayed. Apparently, it’s a spin-off from a Singapore record label… how curious.

The doughnut wasn’t too bad. Very light in texture with a sprinkling of fine crystal sugar on top. Just way too small for the price tag.

DomNuts Sydney's best doughnuts
That’s mighty small

I hoped to find something a little more substantial during my Singapore stay.

High Society