Jam-filled Doughnut @ Windara Bakery, Penola, South Australia

Holy crap, Penola is a long way from anything. My family went there to see where Australia’s first, and so far only saint, Mary MacKillop, did her stuff in the 19th century.

This was another case of: Well, here we are, miles from anywhere. I really need a

doughnut, so let’s look for the local bakery. Of course, my family’s eyes collectively rolled so hard I could hear them.

Windara Bakery in Penola has a good selection of doughnuts to choose from.

The sales lady was pretty good and talked me into getting one of their very nice-looking lemon delicious slices as well. They had some sample sized pieces on the counter to try and it tasted alright.

I scoffed the doughnut. My daughter made short work of the lemon delicious.

The jam doughnut was a little over-cooked. The dough was just a bit too chewy. It didn’t have a lot of jam, which was runny, in the centre. It was coated in sugar.

Don’t get me wrong, it was all nice. And I have to add that it was also pretty cheap.

I think Mary MacKillop would enjoy this doughnut.

Windara Bakery