Street Doughnut @ Hội An, Vietnam

Hội An is well known for its many markets, including places where you can get suits tailor-made overnight. Known as an ancient town, it’s quite a beautiful old city with narrow streets and lovely architecture.

DomNuts, Sydney's best doughnuts
Well, these look a bit boring, but I’ll give one a go

I spotted a lady selling doughnuts from a street stand. They looked a bit boring, but I had to try one. What appeared boring turned out to be anything but.

I thought I was just getting a doughnut as I saw it, but the lady surprised me by picking one up and frying it. This took a while, but I was happy to wait. It was in the same pot of oil as a chip-on-a-stick.

When it was done, the lady rolled it in sugar. She plonked it in a bag, piping hot.

Oh, it was good. The best doughnut I had on my overseas journey. It was soft, tasty and not too sweet.

DomNuts, Sydney's best doughnuts
Doughnut of Hoi An, Vietnam

Forget the tailor-made suits. Go to Hội An for a doughnut.