Cinnamon and Jam-filled Doughnuts @ Robe Bakery, Robe, South Australia

Don’t some places have funny names?

When I hear the word ‘Robe’ I think of dressing gowns. Apparently, the town Robe was named after a former Governor of South Australia.

What about a town called DomNuts? Now we’re talking.

Sadly, Robe is a fairly forgettable town. Not much to report about. Same about the doughnut experience.

On our journey, my family and I stopped in the local Foodland, where I found some doughnuts, including some hand-packed ones from a producer called W&T Morris & Sons, who have a very quiet web presence. In fact, the search showed up that there is no ampersand between the W and the T, even though there is one on the packaging of their own product. Get it right, guys!

I didn’t get any doughnuts from Foodland.

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We came across the Robe Bakery, apparently the sibling of the Robe Bakery that we saw in Rosetown. They claim to have been established in 1884 and still use traditional methods to make their products. Sounds impressive.

They had plenty of doughnuts to choose from – big and small.

I got a large cinnamon and a jam-filled doughnut.

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The cinnamon was light and soft, with yellowy dough that was very high rise. It had a good amount of sugar coating. The flavour was pretty good. I wonder if that’s how doughnuts tasted in 1884.

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The jam-filled doughnut was the same dough as the cinnamon. The jam was runny and made a mess of the bag. Like the cinnamon, it had a sugar coating. In fact, it was virtually the same as the cinnamon except for the jam.

When you go to Robe, Robe Bakery is the place to go.

Robe Bakery