Assorted Mini Doughnuts @ Hanoi Opera Hilton, French Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

Apparently, the Hanoi Opera Hilton has the addition of the word ‘Opera’ because the local gaol is nicknamed the Hanoi Hilton.

My wife and I stayed there for three nights and had breakfast included. It was a great breakfast too – loads of everything, fresh and nicely prepared.

Each day they had a selection of sweets, which included mini doughnuts. I am going to guess that they are made in the bakery located in the hotel lobby creatively called The Bakery.

Day 1 and the mini doughnuts were filled with custard. Not bad, but not a lot of custard. They were light and fluffy.

Day 2 and the doughnuts had an apricot jam filling. That’s very rare for doughnuts. Usually jam filling in doughnuts is raspberry or strawberry.

Day 3 and the doughnuts were iced with a light sprinkling of hundreds and thousands.


I will point out that I tried The Bakery in the hotel lobby several times for doughnuts. There were doughnuts there once only and it was at a time when I didn’t have the chance to buy one. So, if you travel to Vietnam specially to try the doughnuts in The Bakery at the Hanoi Opera Hilton, don’t expect them to be there every day.

Hanoi Opera Hilton

The Bakery