…and here’s a bonus – I also found San Churro.

I’ve been searching for the Kürtősh outlet in Wollongong for months. It wasn’t where the online pointers were directing me.

But I can be stubborn at times, possibly all times, and I finally stumbled across it.

It’s tucked away in a little lane, called Globe Lane, just off Crown Street Plaza. The lane has a few other eateries, including San Churro.

It could also be that it recently moved there, because the current Google Street View doesn’t show it. Come on Google, keep up with me.

DomNuts, Sydney's best doughnuts
Lovely Wollongong by night… Kürtősh on the left, San Churro on the right.

As the doughnut offerings in Wollongong are rather light, Kürtősh and San Churro might satisfy the need – Hungarian or Spanish doughnuts – take your pick.

San Churro