Chocolate Doughnut @ Tailem Bend Bakery, South Australia

We had been driving around South Australia for about a week now, clocked up a lot of kilometres and passed through a lot of towns. And a certain wife was remaining very patient with me every time I shouted, “There’s a bakery!” Full credit to her. My patience is not that strong.

So even though the air-conditioning in the car was on full-blown chill, I felt the temperature instantly rise when yet again I shouted those words as we passed Tailem Bend Bakery.

I felt immediately justified when I walked inside the bakery and saw that we were in the presence of doughnut royalty. For a hand-made sign on the display case clearly said: ‘Award Winning Chocolate Donut 3rd Place Royal Adelaide Show 2017’.

There was no option but to buy one of these doughnuts for which Tailem Bend would be forever proud.

For some reason, this award winner is not mentioned on the Tailem Bend Wikipedia page. Nor on any other page that has anything to do with the little town. Nor is it mentioned on the sites about the bakery itself, like TripAdvisor. What is wrong with this world? This is not just any old doughnut – it’s the 3rd place-getter at the Royal Adelaide Show!

Anyway, the doughnut was good. Really good. Worthy of no less than 3rd place in my opinion. And my daughter agreed.

It was very high rise. The dough was airy and not too chewy.

The chocolate icing was nice and had loads of chocolate flakes on top.

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Airy, light, delicious

Well done to Tailem Bend Bakery for this delicious doughnut.

Well done to those who awarded it 3rd place at the Royal Adelaide Show.

And well done to my wife for having the patience to put up with my stubborn persistence of yelling out, “There’s a bakery!”

Tailem Bend Bakery