Sometimes my heart breaks, it really does.

I think of all those highly skilled artisans and crafts-people who toil to perfect an amazing doughnut – one worth my effort of digging into my pocket and retrieving my wallet, extracting my hard-earned cash and the elbow grease of handing over the money.

And then you see this, also presented under the universal banner of ‘doughnut’.

There should be laws against it.

It’s new to Woolworths.

I took a picture of the fine print to get some insight into these objects.

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Pink is nice. Black is bad

Let’s see…

Ingredients… ok, the usual stuff. It contains “18% strawberry flavoured filling.” They don’t call it ‘jam’, even though on the front they are clearly labelled as ‘Jam Ball Donuts’.

Contains… the usual. May Contain… the usual.

Keep reading…

Here’s the bit I don’t like one bit: THIS PRODUCT IS FROZEN FROM FRESH AND THAWED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. All in capitals and bold, not to make it stand out but in fact the very opposite – to make it difficult to read. They don’t want you to see that part. As any graphic designer knows only too well, capitals are difficult to read.

Who are Allied Pinnacle Pty Ltd?

They supply ingredients for places to cook up on site. Flours, pre-mixed ingredients and also products already made, like the packaged doughnuts.

They say: We are the leaders in flour, ingredients and delicious bakery products. We bring fun, unique and healthier options to millions of people across Australasia every day and have done so for more than 100 years*.

The asterisk is to let you know that they haven’t really been doing that, but it was the companies from which they emerged, or ‘merged’, being Allied Mills and Pinnacle Bakery and Integrated Ingredients. Allied Mills started operating in 1864 under a different name.

The company is owned by PEP – Pacific Equity Partners, who have a portfolio of six large investments.

In 2017, PEP acquired Allied Mills, and integrated it with their Pinnacle Bakery and Integrated Ingredients business.

All very messy to the outside observer and someone who has ever taken little interest in finance and business. And all you ever hear are the positive spins from carefully worded press releases. It’s hard to sort out the truth from the bullshit.

And speaking of positive spins – “thawed for your convenience”. Oh heck, thanks.

I’ll be giving these things a miss.

Allied Pinnacle