Cinnamon Doughnut & Chocolate Doughnut @ Country Picnic Bakery, Mount Compass, SA

It was on a return visit to Mount Compass that I found another great bakery. This one is called the Country Picnic Bakery, and like its neighbour, Home Grain Bakery, it had some truly enjoyable food.

There were a couple of old girls serving behind the counter on a busy day, and they handled the pressure like pros.

I got a Cinnamon Doughnut and a Chocolate Doughnut, but as you can see in the photos, there were other tempting options.

The Cinnamon was large and covered in loads of sugar. My daughter said it was “soft, fluffy and airy”. It had a crisp shell, but not too hard.

The Chocolate Doughnut was put aside and eaten later in the day. It had to travel but it stood up well, not suffering any damage.

Like the Cinnamon Doughnut, it was soft and fluffy, with cakey dough. The icing was set hard, but not crispy. It was perfectly cooked.

Like a lot of these independent bakeries, they don’t seem to have any self-operated web presence. So I can’t give you a web link or Facebook page. You’re just gonna have to go to Mount Compass.

Country Picnic Bakery, Mount Compass, South Australia