Custard-filled Donut @ Ocean Street Bakehouse, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Victor Harbor is about 80kms south of Adelaide. It’s one of those towns where the main street is clinging onto its charm despite one of the big Australian supermarkets moving in close by. They still have some old-world shops, like a lolly shop, a craft shop and of course the bakery, not to mention the odd pub or two. It’s also worth taking the short walk over the bridge to Granite Island.

You might notice that the word Harbor is spelled without a u. In Australia, we usually spell it harbour. It seems that the place was named at a time when it was assumed American spelling was going to take over from British (refer to the Australian Labor Party). It sort of gives the name a better ring accompanying the word Victor.

Back on the main drag, and the bakery’s window says it has Award Winning pies. But what I want to know is if the doughnuts are any good.

The blackboard had me confused – they really need some punctuation. I assume a ‘Whale Donut’ is one with a hole on the top. What’s more, apart from a Whale Donut, they also sell donuts.

And in keeping with the Harbour/Habor theme, the word doughnut has been abbreviated to the other spelling of donut.

Their display of doughnuts and other sweets looked fantastic. There were lots to choose from – all of them big and inviting. Colourful, neatly displayed, nicely lit. These appeared to be doughnuts worth my money.

I went for a custard-filled doughnut.

It had icing on the top, which you don’t usually find on a custard doughnut in Sydney.

The custard was as it should be – not too sweet. It had a real home style about it, which I liked. And there was a lot of custard.

The dough was white, light and fluffy, a bit like bread.

Overall, good stuff.

Ocean Street Bakehouse doesn’t seem to have a website – I suppose they spend their time making great food to worry about such trivial things as the internet. They do have a Facebook page – see link below.

The service was okay but not exactly polite.

There are a couple of outside tables where you can enjoy your doughnut while watching the world pass by. Ahh, the life!

Ocean Street Bakehouse, Victor Harbor, South Australia