As half of Sydney’s population makes the pilgrimage to the harbour to watch fireworks, the other half gets smashed in local pubs, clubs and parties. It’s like the city becomes one big Melbourne Cup piss-up without the horses.

I know I sound like a wet blanket, but, hey, is clicking into a new year really a valid reason to go stupid? Sounds like I’m not alone.

Alternative New Year’s Eve ideas for people over the fireworks

NYE is the most pathetic holiday of the year

I believe in moderation. Even when it comes to doughnuts.

Don’t do what this guy did on Family Feud in 2017 – he ended up with five unwanted doughnuts. Read a little more about this below…

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Happy New Year! I hope your 2018 has doughnuts in abundance overall, but in moderation at any given moment.


Family Feud, 6 December 2017
This poor guy on Family Feud bombed out badly – five zeroes (or doughnuts). But what was really funny was that, in the edit room, they tried their best to ease his embarrassment by just flicking up the score as briefly as possible. I could see he was going to do badly so I took a photo of the TV screen for the fun of it. Luckily, I was quick. It must have been up for a micro-second. Host, Grant Denyer said he was just the second person in the history of the game to get five zeroes.