The word ‘Doughnut’ is simple to spell. ‘Dough’ and ‘nut’, placed together without a space. Easy.

What’s tough is typing it.

Start with a D. But then it gets tricky, with an O and a U that you have to get in the correct order. And about then you start thinking ahead about the G and the H. Things can go haywire here, but if you get through it then it’s mainly downhill, with an N and another U, but that U is far enough away from the first U that you’re pretty comfortable getting that one in the right spot. And then close it off with a T.

If D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T is too hard, just type D-O-N-U-T. That works, and seems to be the preferred spelling for the doughnut/donut capital of the world, America.

So how did IGA get it wrong? ‘DONNUTS’? Really?

Donnut, IGA, Sydney's Best Doughnuts
Bad spelling or deliberate mistake?

Okay, let’s move past the dreadful spelling, or perhaps it was just a typo, in which case, let’s move past the dreadful attention to detail and assess this donnut.

It’s a light doughnut with caramel filling. It has a thin layer of sweet icing on top.

Donnut, IGA, Sydney's Best Doughnuts
The caramel goes around the complete inner circumference of the doughnut

I’m fairly sure this is one from the mass producer called Balfours who supplies them frozen. Doughnuts aren’t meant to be frozen or even put in a fridge. They don’t like it. If it’s not from Balfours, it’s probably from Bob & Pete’s, who supply Woolworths and hundreds of other places.

So, what’s IGA’s donnut like?

Donnut, IGA, Sydney's Best Doughnuts
Looks good… or does it?

Let’s just say it’s as good as their attention to detail.