It’s that time of year again… where Christmas nudges New Year, where our Sydney weather does frenetic cartwheels, and where ‘crazy’ dramatically pulls off its mask to reveal complete and utter ‘insanity’.

And at this time of year, it’s natural to seek some sort of stability in life… a bit of normalcy… some well-grounded, round-shaped respite.

I’m talking doughnuts. Did you guess?

I’m currently assembling a report on a trip I did where I experienced some of the great and not so great doughnuts beyond Sydney. It covers some 30-plus doughnuts. It’s going to take time, but I’ll get there. Why? Because I want to ensure my readers are informed about those precious round items found in bakeries of this world.

There will also be reports on many more doughnuts found in and around Sydney. The adventure has only just begun!

I wish my followers, readers, advocates and critics a safe and happy Christmas, and a delightful and doughnutful New Year.